Friday 30 October 2015

Scots in the 100YW Part 4.

I got the bit between my teeth, and basically finished off all except one element.

For some reason, I am finding the bombard particularly challenging to finish. It's an old cast, to which I have added a fuse-wire loop at the rear, and a rope for serfs to drag it back into position with. Perhaps it's because I don't particularly like the model. And I know there is another one on the way from a generous benefactor, from the Corvis Belli range.

The dismounts are all done, including an extra one for the French 'Rich Knights' who can't dismount in DBA, but can in DBMM, plus another extra one as I had a spare few figures.

These are (from Left) - Houston, Melville, Chambers, Hamilton, Norvell, Crighton, Lennx, Galloway, Stewart.
Buchanan, Swinton, Stewart, Blair, Wishart, Kennedy.

 Carmichael, Buchan, and Buchan Man at Arms, La Hire, Marshal La Fayette and Dunois.

Finally, for the dismounts, Buchanan, Swinton and Stewart have snuck in again, then Douglas, Ogilvy and Scrymgeour.
 Some French peasants have snuck into shot! - out!

Now, annoyingly, I can't remember who makes these, but they were originally medieval/dark ages archers - in tunics and hose. I added greenstuff to make a great plaid, and beards, and they are now the Highland archers.

 Front view. I actually quite like these, as they are unique. We shall see if they can fight!

Retinue archers. most of the Scots knights who fought on the Continent brought a retinue of men-at-arms plus archers, very similar to the English model. These are painted as including the retinue of Hamilton, Lennox, Chambers and Douglas.

Basing and pennons up next. If only I could steel myself to paint that bombard... 

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  1. Doug, very nicely done. I wont even attempt to paint real heraldry in 15mm except for a few signature pieces such as a CinC. All my knights are made up following the usual rules of colours and metals. D