Thursday 9 January 2014

Now with Added Stowage....

Avid readers of this blog, (ok, just me..) will know I have been gradually building up some 20mm armour to support my Chain of Command forces. So last night, I finally added some stowage that I ordered from Early War Miniatures.

Bear in mind that weathering is yet to happen. So here goes, and the close-ups are unflattering!

EWM Track Sections, jerry cans and tarpaulin

EWM camo net, jerry cans and 'bag'

EWM tarpaulin, track sections, box pickaxe and jerry cans

EWM track sections, camo net, and assorted bags boxes and shovel
EWM camo nets, bags and bundles
EWM camo net and box
 Now on with the weathering. Plenty of dust and mud I think...

Monday 6 January 2014

Just a Quickie.. Daimler II - Hasegawa

So, since the new kits arrived today, chucked one together. This is sure no 'fast-build', 48 parts, some of which are very tiny indeed. But the moulds are brilliant, everything fits together with beautiful precision, and the model itself is very pretty. Hasegawa also do the Humber Armoured car, but this one is a bit more unusual.

So here it is in all its glory...  ready for a cleanup, some stowage, and an undercoat tomorrow.

Belated Santa arrives

So.. back to work after the Christmas break, and firstly, I check the letterbox, and there is 'Slingshot' from the Society of Ancients.. great. The mail-room delivers, and my desk starts filling up...

The desk...  getting full...  Slingshot, obvious, and what's that other stuff?

Here's a wonderful Christmas Bonus. The Eureka Miniatures newsletter had a quiz question.. about David Bowie, and four films he had played a military man in..   and I won!   The prize, a sample figure of each code in their new 28mm Army of Saladin range. Lovely stuff. If you look closely, you can see they even provide a nice piece of brass wire to support the parasol to shade the great man!

Next up..  Early War Miniatures specials on a range of artillery for 20mm, so I picked up a two-pack of their 75mm German PaK 40, and I took the chance to add in a whole bunch of packs of their stowage items. These will be added to the various vehicles I have acquired for Chain of Command...

Finally - Hobby Search Japan..  and three excellent Hasegawa plastic kits. I peeked inside and these are really nice moulds, with crew figures, and lovely flash-free light grey plastic.

All in all..   happiness..  and as they were ordered in December.. the Lead Pledge is intact!

Sunday 5 January 2014

US & UK Samples

Some of the 1/72 Caesar figures about as done as they ever will be. The closeups do my painting no favours!
US Platoon HQ - Bazooka, Lootenant and Platoon Sergeant

US 1st Squad - Corporal, Fire Team with BAR Team & Rifleman, Fire Team with 8 Riflemen
 (1 extra GI seems to have snuck into this picture...)

UK, 51 HD Lieutenant, and 3 Squad Corporals
The UK figs are samples only, I am really struggling with the colours. The contrast between the webbing and uniform colours in this scale needs to be much more than the originals, and then they can end up being very cartoon.

Anyway; next up, the rest of the UK platoon, and then on to the Germans (2nd Panzer Division).