Wednesday 30 November 2016

Finishing up the Year

As it gets nearer the end of the year, I should be painting Normans, but I am also trying to finish up projects I started this year.

Firstly, some shock markers. Intended for the AWI and Sharp Practice, these were Warbases counter dials, that go up to12.  and should have more than one use. The animals are also from Warbases, in their farm animals set

Of course if you are going to play Sharp Practice, you need Cards or Chips to draw for the 'Big Man' activations. These were the Sharp Practice chips in the SP Bundle from TooFatLardies.

It also means, finishing up some 1st Corps Brits and Germans for Chain of Command. I originally did all my WW2 stuff in 20mm or 1/72 scale. But now all of that is in storage, I saw these figures at Carronade, and just really liked them. So here's a couple of squads of 'em. The Brits are 51st Highland Division (aka the Highway Decorators), and the Germans are an unidentified Division, which with the appearance of blue bits of kit, might be a Luftwaffe Field Division.

With this lot out of the way, there's a bunch of AWI Colonials nearing completion, and I still have to finish off my French Imperial Skies fleet with the carrier.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

A Pleasant Surprise

So having had to leave Targe early, (having tried the patience of my darling other for 4 hours or so), I left a figure to be entered into the Black Watch Quaich painting competition, and was pleasantly surprised to win it.

Having to return to collect the figure, plus be photographed with the prize, I found myself the fortunate recipient of a personally inscribed copy of 'Scenarios For All Ages' presented by Charles S. Grant.

Lucky Me!