Friday 9 March 2018

Avast there me hearties! (and other Nautical Expressions)

So, as you do, you reread an Aubrey/Maturin novel - and you decide that your Sharp Practice games won't be complete without Marines and a few expressions like, shake out the mainbraces and splice the rum me bosun's hearties..  or whatever.. So you go looking for 28mm ships..  shudder in horror at the pricing, and then catch sight of this..

It was 12.99 on special, and you take a punt..  so it arrives..

Some 'Construction' later..  not sure how this one is going to turn out...  and then I need to cut it down to waterline...  But with care and attention, I reckon it will look spectacular, and work as a full size 15mm Pirate Sloop-ship, or a 28mm Pinnance/Cutter..  more to follow, but I have actually been enjoying the build.

One note of caution..  when you order - make sure you ask for the full English instructions. I failed to do so, and I am working off the incomplete English instructions that come with the kit, an incomplete build log on Facebook, and best guess....   not too bad, but there are some areas I still haven't worked out, like how the bowsprit is attached..  I guess when i have used all the other bits, whatever is left over will be the answer :-)