Wednesday 24 February 2016

WSS Finished

So - with a day to spare...  I finished the WSS army.  I elected not to paint up the extra two bases of mounted, instead these may well be donated to Nick.

So the basing steps are very simple..

Neat PVA applied over the base, then dipped in fine sand with a few 'pebbles' mixed in. A flat brush is handy to get in between the ranks.

Bases are stained with a homebrewed black/brown acrylic wash using a size 8 brush and letting capillary action do most fo the work. It ends up pleasingly irregular in colour.

Apply neat PVA in random patterns, notice that a lot is focused on the edges of the figure bases, so these will be concealed by the static grass.

Douse liberally in short static grass (I get mine from Baccus), allow to stand for 30 minutes then invert and tap the bases to remove excess.

After static grass added.

'Leadbear's' Tufts applied - this is the mounted - finished - unless I choose to go back and work on flesh shading.

Infantry and Artillery.

Close-up Royal Scots Greys. (Hay's Regiment of Dragoons).
And voila...  once the PVA has set overnight, these will get another coat of acrylic spray lacquer as a final fixative, and done!

Monday 22 February 2016

More WSS Foolishness

Here come the cavalry.. so now I have to tart up the flags, and do 30 bases before Thursday... Should be a doddle..

The army arrayed..  

Friday 19 February 2016

Foolish WSS 6mm

So I rather incautiously said I would give Phil Barker's 'Horse Foot & Guns' rules a go at the club next week...  one small problem..  I have a load of 6mm stuff lying around, none of which has been finished. I raked out the Marlburian or 'War of the Spanish Succession' Baccus ...   two days later -

Cavalry, artillery and command to follow..   it's true, you can churn these chaps out very quickly... and they look terrific. Flags are also by Baccus, with a bit of 'treatment' to make them look like there's a wind blowing.

I just paste them together with white glue around a wire, bend them into shape, then touch up the edges with the closest paint match I can find.