Friday 30 December 2011

DBA3 Test Games No 2

As with Game 1, the pictures tell the story.

DBA3 Test Games No 1

So John and I had some time to run two test games of DBA3 (Dec 19th Draft) - the first was a WotR battle.

I am not going to go into great detail, the pictures tell the story.

Friday 23 December 2011

Independent Observation

I have a good friend.. let's call him JG for anonymity - so he comes over to have a Christmas drink.. and I have several dinky toy boats (OSA, ASR and MGB) on the painting shelf..  and he asks why they are there...
Kingdom of Ofan Navy
So when you have a fellow wargamer questioning your judgement/sanity - hmmmmmm

I told him they were going to be the Kingdom of Ofan's navy...

TYW or 30 Years War

So - this dodgy bloke (Bartek) down the club, sidles up and goes 'psssssst, wanna buy some lead?' so as you can tell from my previous attempts to exert some self control, I just rolled over and paid..   And now I am the proud owner of some 1400 Testudo castings - at less than 20c each..   Peter B. will doubtless take some off my hands but I reckon I can get a ECW Covenanter army and a Royalist army etc out of them.. 


Painting of course is extra and will keep me occupied into my 80's....

End of the Year Priorities

Ok, so I have looked at the lead. So here are the priorities:
  • Ayyubids in 15mm for DBMM at Cancon
  • Taliban/Mujjehadin 15mm
  • Room to do various DBA armies (Greek, Persian, Carhaginian etc.), so that dot 2 comes into effect.
  • Polemos ancients
  • Polemos medieval
  • (updated) Renaissance ECW 15mm
(Note - all subject to change... )

Thursday 15 December 2011

FoF First Impressions

Ian FF at the club was kind enough to take me through a Force on Force game at the club tonight, the first scenario in the rulebook set in Fallujah. I have read and reread the rules and ended up confusing myself utterly, so it was great to have him take me through it. Ian kindly supplied the terrain (and very nice too) dice and all the figures..  I just showed up, pawed through my rulebook and kept having Eureka moments. For a complex rulebook, the basic mechanics of the game are really simple, but seem to be very effective. The layout of the rulebook however is less than ideal.

Ian's figures are the very nice Caesar 1/72 plastics, and they look really good. If I didn't have so many modern 15mm, I would certainly be considering them.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Modern Navy

So I took a tip from various people, and kept an eye on eBay for various old Dinky Toys. they will form my new 15mm Navy for Force on Force or AK 47.   A couple of quick paint jobs later and these three will look the business, landing forces, machine gunning enemy and so on...  now I need to make some navigable rivers..  and so it goes...

OSA Patrol boat - I am told by an Aussie Senior Petty Officer that the Indonesians ran these plus local copies
Patrol Boat..   bit rusty and elderly..  but still fast when the turbines kick in!
Rescue Launch..  except a few guns added and it won't be the one rescuing.. 

Good Grief...

If ever there was a demonstration of hobby perfection/obsession this is it..   now watch out for the firemen, the ships and the operating airport!