Tuesday 13 October 2015

Cold War Build - WIP

So I thought the USMC deserved a bit of love...   and I had an S&S model M106 Recoilless Rifle, plus the S-Model M151 A2 'Mutt'. Still a Work in Progress, and added S&S crew and camo netting.

The windscreen etc. are just lying in place as I have yet to work out the final assembly sequence, but I reckon it will be a nice little support.

And here's how the Soviet hardware is coming along...
One BMD-1 complete - I tried to get cute with the numbering, as the decal sheet has all the rows of numbers on a single piece of deal sheet, so I thought I could shortcut by using the number 0.. 1.. 2.. but the intervals are too great, and they need to be cut and aligned on the curve of the turret.

The turret on the T64 alone contains about 40 odd parts, some extremely tiny, but I am very happy with progress so far.

A word of warning to those assembling the Modelcollect T64 Model 1975. The instructions are wrong. Step 6 in the instructions would have you assemble the main hull (excluding the glacis), but if you do, you will be unable to attach the lower hull. It needs to be slid under bulges under the main hull, which can't be done once both side sponsons are attached. I would recommend that you attach one sponson only.

This also means that you cant apply paint separately to the running gear and the hull.

The second error is the numbering of the axles. D8 and D4 are (I think) reversed, and won't align properly. Plus D14 and D10, if inserted into the predrilled holes are out of alignment.

No big deal, but it seems a shame, as otherwise it is a very very nice kit.

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