Friday 9 October 2015

Valiant 1/1200 Spanish Main

Just received my packet of Valiant Enterprises Spanish Main ships, 2 English Men of War, 4 Pinnaces and 4 Caravels. A big shout out to 'Noble Knight Games' - ordered on 2 October, arrived here in Oz on 9 October! That is great service. Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock of a few of the products in the range.

First impressions of the ships..  nice lines, but a couple of rough casting areas where the mould is a bit 'blurry' - especially on the stern of the smaller ships. These aren't as good as Langton's - or GHQ, but still nice models. It would have been nice for the sails to be separate to the masts, as it is, you will have to be creative with painting, or drill out the section between the bellied sails and the masts themselves.

The RPE Demonworld Empire ships can now be scaled though - here's a shot of the Demonworld largest ship, the Empire Galleon, next to the Valiant English Man o' War.

Looks to be as close to 1/1200 as it can be....

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