Wednesday 21 October 2015

Scots in the 100YW

Following the last Canberra based DBA3 competition, I told David the organiser that I would definitely be showing up to the Landwaster competition in November. And made the commitment to bring Scots in the 100 Years War.

There isn't a specific separate Scots on the Continent list, but the Scots at times were the largest part of the Franco-Scots armies. Most were raised by the indenture system and would have been very similar to the English forces of the period, men at arms and archers.

I knew somewhere I had a few packs of the now sadly defunct Corvus Belli 100YW range, and was pretty confident I had enough to build an army. Sources gave me heraldry for the Scots of the period, and as Landwaster is in November, and it's now 'Back to the Future' Day (21 October 2015) - I thought I had better make a start. Riders and dismounted Men at Arms plus sundries such as Bow and Skirmishers were undercoated black, and horses white.

A day later, and here's the horses:

The French - the Marshall, Dunois, and La Hire

 The Scots General - Douglas, Buchan and Carmichael

Scots Knights - Swinton, Stewart and Buchanan.

The horses still need some washes and highlights, but I am pretty happy so far.


  1. Looking good, but what list are you using?


  2. Hi Vince, using the Medieval French 'c' list. But only the Psiloi and one element of Knights will be French. Further updates to come...:-)