Thursday 22 October 2015

Scots in the 100YW Part 2.

Another day, and steady progress...

The cannon I had originally picked out looked much too 'modern' to my eye, and one of the figs originally on the base had very much later (WotR) period armour, so the 4 wheeled bombard at the rear is being prepped for paint. The irregular (in DBA terms, 3Bw) were going to become 'Highland' archers, so out came the green-stuff, and they will now have linen sarks, (often saffron in colour), and a great kilt in a variety of muted tartans..

Virtually finished up the mounted. I still need to wash the 'brass', add highlights to the visible flesh, and add pennons and a banner... as well as the basing of course   I am very happy with these so far.

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