Monday 13 May 2024

Major Omission, Contrast Paint & Printing

So, I won't bother with the usual excuses for why I haven't been blogging, work, garden, family, travel, etc.

I have managed to get a few games in, online and face to face. 

Back in February, I decided it was time to haul out the Warlord Games plastic ECW I have been stashing away whenever they were on sale at silly prices.. (£1 a sprue?).  So with the interruption of a couple of weeks overseas, I have been bashing out unts with contrast paints...

The guns are 3d prints.

Pretty pleased with these, the last picture shows everything that is left of the stash, two more pike and shot units to go.

As always, 3d printing continues.. these are some nice morale trackers from Paul at Sabotag3d 

And I have been experimenting with making my own files for printing.. a simple ACW coffee cart..

A Westland Scout - very simplified... but I'm very pleased with it.

And I wanted to buy some casualty markers from Warbases, but they were out of stock. So I printed my own. 

The other thing I wanted to do is tackle my stash of Perry plastic  ACW, so some early experiments with Contrast paints over a grey undercoat... 

But naturally, being me, I got distracted, a 3d print file for West German Cold War vehicles.

And some Italian Wars!

I blame Jonathan for his series of Fornovo games

And of course..  Face to Face - Sikh Wars games... 

And Hail Caesar - Punic Wars

Finally, I am trying to remedy an omission in my roster, I have forces for lots of WW2 Chain of Command games...  Soviets, |Japanese, French, Malayan Campaign British, Early War German, French and BEF, British Paras, DAK, 8th Army etc...  I even have US in Winter clothing, but the big omission is a force of US Infantry. I assembled some Perry US Infantry ages ago, but they have been lurking in a box ever since. By coincidence I ended up with an additional box, so I tested some contrast paints on these. I'm pretty happy with how they look. 

The 'recipe' is very simple. In sequence, Guilliman Flesh, Aggaros Dunes for jackets, Contrast Wyldwood for pants, Skeleton Horde for some equipment, gaiters etc, Militarum Green for waterbottle covers, Black Templar for boots and weapons, Fyreslayer Flesh for woodwork. Final touches are Vallejo 70.893 US Dark Green for the helmet, and 70.886 Green Grey for some other equipment (I did the straps and pouches in a mix of Skeleton Horde and the Green Grey.