Wednesday 31 July 2019

The British are Coming

I did promise an update on the various British vehicles I have lurking, so here goes:


I know how I ended up with two Humbers but in hindsight, well, I should probably sell one..

Finally a Corgi model Daimler Armoured Car. I was using it to play with various weathering techniques, some of which are a bit heavy -handed! I figure I can add some stowage to hide the fairly basic model, and it will look ok.

And managed to gte a good CoC game on Sunday with the boys at Kirriemuir, a fairly simple attack and defend scenario, with US GIs defending the outskirts of a Norman town against a German infantry counter attack.

Looks peaceful... 

German firepower takes out the BAR team entrenched in front of the Church
The game was also notable for  a sniper duel, in which the German sniper couldn't hit the side of a barn, and the US one was even worse!

The rather nice 3d printed houses are available through WarHQ.

A good time was had by all. Now..  Claymore in Edinburgh on Saturday.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Heavy Metal - Tanks Galore!

I have had a number of vehicles just progressing in bits and pieces over the last little while and I finally finished up a few of them.

First of all, I picked up a trio of Warlord plastic Hetzers at a show for next to nothing, with every intention of selling a couple, but hey, things, and stuff you know. So here they are.

And number two in this line up is a fun little flamethrower tank... 

And finally,  another vanilla Hetzer. I will never get to use 3, so I expect one of them will get swapped or given away at some stage.

Everyone should have one. Again another bargain at a tenner for the Warlord plastic Tiger II kit at a show. The moulded Zimmerit isn't the best, but the alternative would be to do a huge amount of green stuff work.


My Perry US infantry are going to need some support if they are going to come up against some of these beasties, first up the Hellcat.

Yet another show bargain, the Warlord plastic M4. If I was to build this kit again, I would definitely shave off and replace the decidedly dodgy tow cable. The crew figure is also disappointing, being very undersized.

And finally, the Greyhound reconnaissance car...  It just didn't look right with no crew, so I pinched the commander from the Hellcat. 

So, quite happy with this update, and the British will get some love next.

Saturday 6 July 2019

Lorraine Schlepper

Just finished a Lorraine Schlepper, from Warlord Games, a resin kit of one of the many conversions done using French AFV chassis and German weaponry.

The Warlord kit is a nice one with separate tracks and a shovel as well as the gun itself, I think it makes up into a very appealing vehicle, and it comes with two crew. It doesn't come with any decals though, so I have sourced those from the spares box.

I am wondering if I need to do a bit more weathering on the lower chassis for dust and mud? But then, I would have to match that across all my vehicles. Hmmm, perhaps an airbrush session with some lightly dusted on Flat Earth might be an idea.

In game terms for Chain of Command, this is an absolute beast. A big High Explosive gun, perfect for blasting buildings and troops alike. I was going to save it as a nice surprise for Steve, but well, it's only fair.

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Signs of Life

It may look very quiet over here, as real life seems to be making lots of demands. But behind the scenes, some painting is happening. There's a whole bnch of armour just waiting to burst out.. even as I eye up the Rubicon site and wish PSC had been able to fulfill my order for a M5 Stuart when their site still said they had some left. Oh well.

I did actually finish some sample figures for the Early War Germans though..  so here they are.

Those close-ups are really unforgiving aren't they?