Monday 27 July 2020

First Infamy Painting

just a quick one as I finally actually painted something. And now I see it blown up, I see all the bits I've missed.

A marker that will do for Germans or Gauls.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

The Infamy Project - Part 2

Progress to having two suitable forces and all the various bits and pieces continues. The Romans are all Victrix and my 1st Corps Germans have now arrived.

What all the fuss is about

All the sabot bases complete, and the Romans based and ready for paint. 

I rescued these from old trophies. A lick of paint and they will go on deployment/ambush points

Some of the 1st Corp Germans arrayed

A close-up
The 1st Corp Germanic tribesmen are quite pleasing sculpts. The shields and spears are separate, and the sculpts are nicely animated with few mould lines. They clean up reasonably quickly, with the only minor issue being that some have mould lines running down the face which are tricky to remove. A sharp knife and a steady hand soon fixes it, and it will be invisible under paint.

Some comparison shots. 

Germanic cavalry and a Foundry Gallic Cavalryman - Not sure of the source of the Gallic horse.

1st Corps Juvenile skimisher and Victrix Velite.

Short and hairy...
I wasn't sure of the size of the 1st Corps, and they appear short next to Victrix, but I'm sure it won't be an issue once they are painted and on the table.

The Germans are all now stuck to pennies, although I have run short, and another base of German tribesmen is awaiting 8 more 'ferrous' pennies. Kitty litter, PVA and sand is next. Then on with painting.

In the meantime, I have very little suitable terrain so I have to build some fir trees, and habitations.

Building a German Village

MDF, Dishcloth thatch, coffee stirrers, hot-glue, rocks and kitty litter
All ready for paint, flocking and plants. Then on with 60 or so fir trees, based on the Scenics tree kits.