Monday 17 June 2019

Blitzkrieg! And other matters

For those who haven't yet picked it up, the Too Fat Lardies Blitzkrieg Campaign book:

Is a great resource, with new scenarios and lots of background material, plus lists for the main participants. I finally stopped drooling over the potential and got the brushes out to kick off some of the main participants.

First off the rank were the French, as per earlier posts, but I am now kicking on with their German opponents. There have been plenty of delays and heartache as I was using Black Tree Design for the core figures and it has been a nightmare. Once they finally arrived, largely thanks to the delays and pain of the whole process, they languished for a long while without any real progress, as I couldn't muster up the enthsiasm. I finally managed to get some block colours applied tonight - so some WIP to show, the command figures etc are Warlord, all the rest are BTD:

Early War Germans, so far, block colours are Vallejo Field Grey for tunics, German Grey for helmets and gasmask canisters, Basalt Grey for trousers, Black Grey for boots and metalwork. One squad (there are four in the platoon) has also had Beige Brown done as a base colour for flesh. It was nice to use a colour not named 'Grey'.

For amusement, I also picked up a bargain Russian house - which I experimented with, sanding off the bits burned dark brown by the laser cutting process, and colouring using a variety of washes rather than paint. Not quite sure how well this works, bit it does look suitably faded, and I have further weathering to add.

Onwards - !  And the other item picked up with the Russian house was a South East Asian building. I am holing out against doing jungles and Japanese, but I can feel the temptation...