Thursday 31 March 2022

The Great Game

No, not the massive Waterloo wargame of a couple of years back, but 'The Great Game' - the term used to describe the rivalry over India between Great Britain and Russia. And one of the key players was this chap... 


Now Flashman may be a bigot, imbued with all the vices and prejudices of a roistering poltroon, and have a singularly un-PC approach to women, but he's also enormously entertaining, remarkably accurate historically and is a dreadful temptation to new periods and armies. 

With Sharp Practice being a game that can be played as a 'straight' wargame, or as something much more Hollywood, having 'characters' can really create a whole additional layer of fun.

So when I saw that Studio Miniatures made a figure that is the absolute character to a tee..  what could be more natural than to add him to my collection? And Winterpig makes a collection based on a certain movie, set a little later than the Mutiny perhaps but with some figures that can be re-used. 

As usual, Flash is between an egregious villain and a charming maiden... 

Of course there are many possible names for an Indian Governor and his wife.. 

Finally, another Studio Miniatures Sikh Wars officer, and a doughty sergeant of the 1st Foot & Mouth

Should be an added bit of fun... And there's a few other things nearing completion.

Monday 21 March 2022

Catching up

I have been participating in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge for the last 3 months or so. It's been a bit of fun and has encouraged me to get a fair bit of painting done. I actually managed to finish 8th in the points total, which was very pleasing as I had set my original target at 600 points, and in the end finished with over 2000. If I (hopefully) participate next year, I will be better prepared in terms of figure variety, and more ambitious with my targets.  

It also strikes me that while I have been furiously painting, unlike many other participants, I have also been printing stuff. So while others have reduced their lead/plastic/resin pile, I have actually added to mine... Ooops...

And I suspect I have also painted a lot of stuff that hasn't appeared here. So this is by way of a catch-up. Bear with me if you have already seen it.. 

Some demented pepperpots, these are the classic movie Daleks from the 1966 move, Invasion of Earth. Dots, so many Dots.. 

Just for a giggle, and to reach the bonus for a planet of ancient robots. I printed off a couple of copies of Bender from Futurama, and 'weathered' one to represent an Ancient Bender.

Having posted my Indian Mutiny (1st War of Independence) Sepoy figures and the Elephant towing a limber, I also painted up some AW Miniatures Sepoy Cavalry - in this case, the 3rd Bengal Cavalry. These were part of the original  group of Mutineers at Meerkut. This group have discarded their issued 'French Blue' trousers and are ready to cause havoc..   though I realised I had run out of bases, and I am waiting for replacements to arrive. 

A few other things got done, that I didn't post here. 

Some 1/144 3d printed German WW1 aircraft, There were also 2 Recce aircraft that absconded from the picture. 

Storm Giant - another 3d print.

Some kit for when I choose to invade Manchuria, 3d prints as always - a Type 89 and a Vickers Crossley Armoured Car.


And in case I need 6 Ha-Go for a scenario, another 4 3d prints

Not forgetting 12th SS Panzer. 

Did I mention all those Spitfires needed some serious opposition?

I think that's it for the minute..   more to come soon. I have been working away on various bits and pieces so they may emerge in the not too distant future, and hopefully, I will get some actual gaming in.. 


Tuesday 15 March 2022

Back in Business - Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

So I have been very slack about updating this blog, but my painting and 3d Printing has not abated.. the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has kept me at my brushes.

First of all  - those AW Miniatures Indian Mutiny figures:

And who can resist an elephant towed limber? Not me.

Then there's the WW2 planes.. all 1/200 scale home 3d Printed.. 

Right, that's the Pacific sorted.. off to jolly old Blighty next... 

There is not one UK wargamer of a certain age NOT humming the theme tune now...  

And I couldn't let the DH2 be the only ones to fight the Fokker menace... 

That will do for now, but plenty more to come..   did I mention just how big a B17G was when 3d printed at 1/200?

See you next time..