Saturday 25 February 2012

Tomorrow's War - The Day After

Had some fun undercoating and starting the paint process for my vehicles. As usual, I undercoated with a cheap flat black primer spray can, but I then remembered something I had seen done by aircraft modellers, where they 'pre-shaded' parts of a plane prior to doing the main coat. This gives a lot of depth. I couldn't really be bothered doing it very accurately on six vehicles so I just grabbed my can of gray spray primer and gave them all a very short sharp angled blast to get the grey on edges and prominent parts.

Khurusan APC - very nice casts
Khurusan APC - rear view
Then I went ahead and used very thin paint (old humbrol acrylics) on the APCs, and I was very pleased with how they turned out. I will probably just do pin washes and a very light grey drybrush and call these finished.

The New Alba fire-teams are progressing, and I have the support weapons on order,

The Wallace GSCO1 grav tanks however..  need more work...

New Alba Fireteams backed by the Wallace grav-tank

Lots more work to do on these bad boys...

Thursday 23 February 2012

Tomorrow's War - Today

So things have been very quiet on the wargames front. I have been unwell, working hard, and travelling.

But I got back to the office today, and waiting for me were the vehicles to go with my Tomorrow's War forces. So far I have 21 Rebel Minis Earth Marines - which are becoming my New Alba forces, and I have now got three Khurusan Miniatures APC plus three Critical Mass Arc Fleet Grav Tanks.

Now both are lovely models, but I am not sure they work together. The Khurusan Minis are absolutely lovely mixed resin/metal castings, a touch of 'Aliens' - and gritty near future. So the castings have lots of rivets and panels, periscopes and so on. The Arc Fleet is much more 'Futuristic'  also lovely castings but much less gritty - more 'Halo' - so I think I may have two basic armies here. the New Alba are maybe 22 Century, while the Khurusan are much more - next 50 years..  in which case they will have to end up dark green/black and partnered with some 'Colonial Marines' - so I guess I am looking now for some more 'futuristic' APCs to cart my fireteams about.

Pictures to follow when I have applied more paint than a basic black undercoat....