Saturday 31 July 2021

Bagot's Hussars

Another unit for the Jacobites. This time 'Bagot's Hussars' also known as the 'Scotch Hussars'. They saw a lot of action in the '45, and were used extensively as scouts. They are by no means battlefield cavalry, but as the Jacobites were very short of cavalry, it's probably appropriate to model them, rather than a unit of FitzJames, which would be better than the Government Dragoons. It would be a little odd if the Jacobites had superior cavalry!

The figures, like virtually every other one in the army, are from Flags of War. The forces are creeping up in size. 

The initial plan was:

 This has now changed because I added in a few extras... 

So progress is steady...

Here's the latest, plus a couple of mounted leaders, Colonel Anne MacIntosh and Lord George Murray.

And here's the lot...  so far. Bottom right is the next group (12) of Highlanders that is underway. I must check in with Stiu to see how he is going with his 'Sausagemen'.

Friday 23 July 2021

Roll Out the Barrel's

The first sort of 'straight' Government unit rolls (slowly) off the production line. Barrel's (4th) Regiment of Foot. A perennial favourite of wargamers, they famously suffered the heaviest casualties of any Government unit at Culloden. As usual, figures and flags from Flags of War.

Disappointingly, a varnishing incident has resulted in frosting on the left side of the flags, but I think I can rescue that. 

The one point to note is that the cuff lace on the FoW figures is the 'gate' type, whereas Barrel's wore a sort of spine and feathers arrangement. A certain type of wargamer would have filed the lace off and painted in the correct style. Clearly I am not that type of wargamer.

The full unit arrayed. For Sharp Practice, 3-4 groups of 8 (if regular infantry) are commonly grouped together under a single leader, or leader and sub-officer/sergeant. Adding a command base allows me to field a 'regiment' for differently scaled rules. 

What's this 'column' thingy then?

Hat company rear.


Sunday 18 July 2021

A Most UnScottish Jacobite Army

On checking the dates of my posts I note I haven't posted anything this month. This is despite continuing to add (albeit gradually) to the Jacobite forces. And notably, I realised I had been painting more or less all the 'non-Scottish' elements of the Jacobite army.

I also managed to get a game in with near neighbour Martin, Sharp Practice 2 (SP2) set in the American War of Independence. Having not played SP2 for a while, this was very much a baby-steps exercise for both of us. Luckily, Martin is a quick learner, and I am sure he will be keeping me on the straight and narrow in future games. 

Anyway, on to the painting... 

More Highlanders 

The second half of the unit of 12

Not happy with the one on the right..

Fewer jackets, more shirts makes for easier painting

I think my tartan is getting better

Regiment de Lally, Irish Piquets

Frontal view

Repurposed AWI figures masquerading as the Manchester Regiment

They will also do duty in my AWI forces

Rear View

North British Fusiliers 21st Regiment

North British Fusiliers 21st Regiment - Rear View

I am now actually starting to get to the point where a few more groups will make it possible to run a small game..  I'm very much looking forward to that.