Monday 20 April 2015

Samurai Progress

First stage of basing complete, just the white glue and sand. Next steps are a black wash, then some dry-brush, flock and tufts (thanks 'Leadbear').

They haven't turned out as nice as I had hoped, my fault, not the castings. I probably should have layered up from white, not gone black undercoat, light-grey wet-brush and washes/glazes. Still, a good base distracts the eye, and I am considering going back and adding more highlights to the faces.

I might.. but then again, I should have made better progress on the Franks for Wintercon by now.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Samurai - Continued

Now that the castle is 'acceptable' - some more Samurai painting getting done,. There are still some final washes, and I have to pick up some bases today, but these are very close to done.

Now to work on some rice fields and perhaps a cherry orchard?

Tuesday 7 April 2015


To go with the castle, and also for a DBA3 army, been painting some Samurai. I am concerned they are a little dark, but otherwise reasonably pleased. I thought long and hard before deciding to make them themed but fictional.

Picture quality isn't great, I need better lighting, but these should give you a taster.

Sunday 5 April 2015

A Japanese Castle

So for whatever reason, I thought it might be nice to have a Japanese fort to go with the Peter Pig Samurai I am supposed to be painting. I dug up some foamcore and card, and had a go. Here's stages one through six. Scale is for a DBA fort, so the base is 80mm x 80mm...

 The base, it will be built up with Polyfilla, to look like the rock base you see on Japanese castles.

 Foamcore, I really do need to use a sharper blade, there are a few ragged edges.

 Coming along..  rubber band to aid alignment.

Main structures complete. Needs tidying, edges neatened and window alignment sorted.

Started doing the tiled roofs, eventually I will apply milliput and stroke down to create a tiled effect.

Roofs and shutters on. Next steps are the sloppy polyfilla coverage for the walls, to hide a multitude of sins, then build up a rocky base, milliput for the roofs. I am also thinking of putting a Tori gate in between the two courtyards, one will be a garden (at the back), the other a cobbled area.

I'm pretty pleased so far, but the wall effects will be the critical part.

Wall bases and a Torii added...
 And now reduced one window overhang, and added ridges - much more Japanese now

2 am...  ok, texture added..

And Today...