Sunday 11 October 2015

Soviets! - Cold War Russian Build

So as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I thought it would be cheap and quick to throw together an OPFOR (Opposition Force) for my US Marine Corps.

The models arrived a couple of days back, the S-Model BMD-1 in their usual 2 kits in a box, the ESCI/Italeri Spetsnatz and a Modelcollect Model 1975 T64.

Now my friend Thomo has just posted about picking up the Dragon Ha-Go WW2 vintage light tank, so I thought I would do a quick comparison.

Here's the Modelcollect T64...   6 sprues, plus DS tracks, plus instructions on building a transparent commanders shield...  Eek!

6 sprues - yet to find any flash...
The observant will notice that there are several turret bases, and a number of variant glacis and sponsons. This kit seems to form the base for several T64 versions, so loads of bits for the spares box! It's a lovely model, but definitely not a quick build.

And since Thomo also seems to be obsessing about the size of the Ha-Go, here's the almost complete BMD-1 with a 20mm fig for scale.

The BMD is a fun build, but there are a couple of traps for young players. I will add a post on the build later.

As for tiny...   try this for size...

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