Tuesday 3 November 2015

Scots in the 100YW Final

As a couple of people have made some nice comments, and asked to see the finished product - here they are. Only a couple of minor disasters, including discovering that virtually all my bases had been afflicted with the magnetic sheet starting to peel away from the wood - (apparently a bad batch, which the vendor is replacing..   marks for customer service Olympian Games). Superglue to the rescue..   then of course, I managed to flick the command stand off the table with a casually out-flung forearm... more superglue, and re-basing..  Then there was the peculiar smell when I opened up my home-made basing wash, which seems to have fermented or had some other peculiar chemical reaction - hopefully the stench will dissipate before they actually get on the table.

After all that; Melbourne Cup day was not that productive from a betting point of view... (my one day of the year to have a flutter... involving calling the betting agency to re-activate my account, as it gets used only on Melbourne Cup day) - but I took the chance to finish basing, and paint up some banners.

In this case, I elected not to follow my usual practice, which is to do a colour print of a banner and then overpaint. This time I just painted from scratch. Pretty happy with the results, although I have seen no evidence for banners in use by the Scots at this period, so I was forced to get imaginative. I suspect it should be longer, as per the 1388 Otterburn Standard, but this will do.

I wanted something that looked like fertile French meadows - so basing was white-glue and fine sand, wash dark brown, then a whiteglue dab and sprinkle with Baccus 6mm summer turf, with a final touch of Leadbear's tufts and heather bushes.

And the final glamour shots are below:
Still not hugely happy with the bombard, but twill do...  Buchanan, Swinton and Stewart of Darnley in front.

Melville, Houston, Chambers La Hire, La Fayette, Dunois, and Carmichael as the Standard Bearer, the dismounted version is behind them.

 Lennox, Galloway, Stewart, Hamilton, Norvell, Crighton, Blair, Wishart and Kennedy.

 Showing the Commander's (Buchan) Banners again.

Final shot. Calling these done.

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