Monday 12 February 2018

Project Complete!

Whoo hoo!  ok, so maybe I will add a new table cloth, and perhaps an additional Armoured Car or carrier for the British, but I have finally finished the 8th Army infantry. This means I have terrain, in the form of buildings, vehicles, and infantry - enough to play a game of Chan of Command at home.. finally!

So some glamour shots.
HQ & Supports

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

DAK HQ & Supports 

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Saturday 10 February 2018

8th Army WIP - new highlights

So, I am still not sure which of these is going to represent my uncle, he would have to have a pipe...

But some Work in Progress on colour. The highlight is now a mix of Tamiya Desert Yellow and Deck Tan, and I am much happier with it..  so some samples.

Much better I reckon...   as always, comments welcome..

Friday 9 February 2018

Aragonese Code & 8th Army

My email client gave me an interesting view.. I speculated what fishing had to do with anything, or whether the full word was 'codpiece', and some amazing uniform details were to be revealed, rendering all Aragonese figures obsolete overnight...*

* Without the addition of Milliput...

Back to some sensible stuff, and cracking on with the 8th Army to join my DAK figures.

This was a test piece, but the highlights are much too yellow. I want more of a bleached effect.