Sunday 29 March 2020

Vikings in 15mm

And another few elements get added to the Viking army for DBMM:
Knorr - Viking supply boats


Archers (rear)


Baggage 2

Bondi (Rear)
Viking Raiders

Viking Raiders

Viking Raiders (Rear)

And again...

Wednesday 18 March 2020

More Tiny Vikings!

Ragnar Lothbrok lives on, or at least, some miniature cousins do.. some more 15mm Vikings joined the forces arrayed for an invasion of Ascot in November, assuming we (and Ascot), are still there.

So here they are.. the big guy with his axe across his shoulders is one of my favourites.



These drunken and injured Vikings will be Hordes

Vikings? On Horseback? Whatever next?

Another of my favourite figures.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Isolation Audit

Well, that's that then. My contract finished, and right now, with plague stalking the land, apart from pasta shortages, contract work has dried up like tears on a desert planet.... or something.

So it looks like I am facing a period with a funding shortage, but potentially a fair bit of time to do some painting. This morning I even got into the shed - which has had a horrendous leak, and dragged out a very mouldy cardboard box. In among the warped bases, rusted spears, rotting cardboard, mould and spiders eggs (hopefully UK spiders, not Oz ones.. there were millions of them), I discovered my 15mm Milanese Italian Wars project, last seen as these were (literally!) thrown in a box as we fled the rooftop of the US embassy, Canberra.

So now I have a whole range of potential projects to do, some odd, some straight forward, and maybe it is time to think about prioritising them. Figures, except where noted are largely already purchased. Some of them are asterisked, as I already have some of the required figures completed or started at least.

I've laid in a stock of bases, plus some wire spears/pikes. So now it's just a matter of selection.

WRG DBMM1 Ancients 15mm
Milanese (Italian Condotta)*
Spring & Autumn Chinese (though they could pass as Han I believe)
Vikings* (these ones are being prepared speculatively for Warfare 2020 in November)
Normans for the First Crusade, ( Crossbowmen needed, so these are on hold till I am in funds).
Later Roman/Patrician Roman

WRG DBMM1 Ancients 6mm
Late Romans

Too Fat Lardies - Sharp Practice 28mm
AWI - British/Hessian/Loyalists/Indians*
AWI - American Continentals & Militia*
Napoleonic French for the Peninsular War
Napoleonic British for the Peninsular War
1745 Jacobites
1745 Hanoverians

Too Fat Lardies - Chain of Command 28mm
Malaya Campaign British*
Malaya Campaign Japanese*
WW2 Italian
German Fallschirmjager
US Airborne
British Airborne
US Army

Too Fat Lardies - Infamy/Infamy 28mm
Republican Roman
Celts (Northstar)

Lion Rampant 28mm
Medieval Scots
HYW Scots*
Generic Early Medieval

WRG Horse Foot & Guns 6mm
WSS French army
WSS Imperial army
Napoleonic French*
Napoleonic British*

Then there's a whole bunch of other stuff;

28mm English Civil War or TYW
20mm '1980s USMC*
American Civil War Ironclads
1/1200 Galleys & Galleons
1/3000 German Kaisermarine pre-dreadnoughts
15mm Cold War Soviets/East Germans*
Various 1/48 plastic kits
28mm schooner kit
1/72 WW2 kits

And probably a whole lot more I've forgotten.

So I wonder how many I will get through before going back to work? And what I should start on first? I'm already working my way through the Vikings, and there are some of these, where part of the work or force is already started. So do I prioritise those? Or just do something off the wall?

Answers on a postcard.. Or in the comments.

Thursday 12 March 2020

More Vikings

Gradually working my way through the War & Empire Vikings.. another small batch of Bondi to add to the tally.

Steady progress, but I will need some more bases or production will grind to a halt. I just have to remember who I ordered this batch from.

**Update** it was Tony at Tiny Tin Troops..  very prompt. Recommended.

Saturday 7 March 2020

A Viking we will go!

I bought into the War and Empire III (Dark Ages) Kickstarter some time back, and ummed, and ahhed about what to get. I originally wanted to get Byzantines, but on looking into the various lists available for DBMM, I thought they were a bit too much like some of my other armies, such as the Sui Chinese.

I eventually settled on Viking and Later Roman, and they arrived last week. I have been tentatively planning a trip to Warfare in Reading in November, and so the Vikings would fit into the theme.

I finally picked up a paintbrush today, and my goodness, these are tiny figures, I have not painted any 15mm in several years, so slapping paint on these little guys was a real change.

Normally, my painting pattern is to do a whole swathe of figures at once. So for example for a Viking army, I might do all the Huscarles as a batch, all the Bondi as a batch, and so on. This is efficient, but it can also be very tedious as you spend a long time with a single colour. Applying it to pants here, tunics there, cloaks etc. This time I thought I would just grab up a few elements worth and tackle them together.

So here they are:

From L-R, Bondi, Archers & Huscarles.

I really like these figures, and they have a heap of variety. Looking forward to polishing off a few more batches over the next couple of weeks.

And some more..

Raiders, Berserks, Huscarles, General

Longships, 6mm models from Irregular.