Wednesday 27 January 2016

Franco-Scots Gallery

A couple of people have been kind enough to ask if I have any better pictures of the Franco Scots figures, so here is a gallery for the army..    though I have to say it is somewhat daunting to paint these guys and be pleased with the results, then see the original magnified 5 times...   As always, you can click on the pictures for a bigger version.

Knights & dismounts
D'Alencon, French allied commander
Wealthy French noblemen together with the CinC Buchan.

Wealthy French knights, Xantrailles, la Hire, de Rais, etc from the rear
French knights 1

French knights - side view, and a stray banner has snuck in!

More French knights

And a side view
Scots allied commander 1 - Keith

Scots knights 1
Scots knights 2 including Stewart & another allied commander, Douglas
Scots knights 3 - figures/heraldry unfortunately got mismatched

 Supporting cast
Baggage Wagons & the feared Jacquerie (revolting peasants)

French Brigans, useful for doing nothing but hanging round their betters and fetching firewood

French skirmishing crossbowmen

Scottish feudal archers

Highland archers, conversions

Highland axemen, they almost certainly would not have looked liked this...

A 'gonne' and some stick wielding Ribauds

 Well, that's it, thanks for your forbearance if you have made it this far.


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  2. Some of the best painting on 15mm figures I have seen in a long time. Strangely the Scots axemen remind me of a viking figure I saw recently, but can't recall which; I'm shopping for Scandinavians.
    The Scots knights would have had wolfhounds with them ;-)
    Greg C

    1. Hi Greg, these are basically Western Isles axemen or Gall Gaedhil, which were heavily Norse influenced. Also suitable for Gallowglass in Irish armies.

  3. Very nice collection, you should be proud. Just a shame its such a crap army to try and win games with! :-)

    1. Two wins, two draws and one loss at their first tournament. Sounds like a good result to me.

  4. One of the best painted colorful looking army I've seen - love the flocking of the bases too! Gorgeous brush work!

  5. Thanks Guys, these were fun to do, and surprisingly easy.

  6. Superb painting and great work overall (although I'm not a huge fan of the basing - am I allowed to say that ;-))

  7. Hi Peter, absolutely allowed to be critical, How would you have based them differently?