Friday 19 February 2016

Foolish WSS 6mm

So I rather incautiously said I would give Phil Barker's 'Horse Foot & Guns' rules a go at the club next week...  one small problem..  I have a load of 6mm stuff lying around, none of which has been finished. I raked out the Marlburian or 'War of the Spanish Succession' Baccus ...   two days later -

Cavalry, artillery and command to follow..   it's true, you can churn these chaps out very quickly... and they look terrific. Flags are also by Baccus, with a bit of 'treatment' to make them look like there's a wind blowing.

I just paste them together with white glue around a wire, bend them into shape, then touch up the edges with the closest paint match I can find.


  1. Looking good,Doug. I am keen to see the finished units with the bases decorated.

  2. Very nicely done; wish I could complete them as quickly and as neat,y painted.

  3. Thanks Guys, I rather like these figures, though they have now been re-cast, the originals are very nice. I find Baccus really easy to paint, tough if I was taking more time, I would wash the faces and muskets, then go back and highlight nose, fingers and chin. It makes a huge difference to the final look of the figure and it is only a couple of dabs of paint, very easy to do. The other thing I find is that the human eye is very forgiving. It sees what you want it to see, so effectively filters out some of the mistakes.

  4. They look great Doug. Painting 6mm in volume is easy, but painting them well isn't as easy as it looks. You have managed to do both.