Wednesday 6 January 2016

Viva Aeronef!

I took a break from painting 15's to paint up a fleet for Aeronef (flying Victorian Pre-Dreadnoughts and advanced Dirigibles).

Initially I was inspired by the Imperial Skies Kickstarter - and Brigade Models had a sale on for Christmas, so a couple of weeks later - the Italian Fleet Pack arrived.

Two days later, this is the result. I am quite pleased.

One of the reasons for the selection of the Italian Fleet, apart from them being among the nicest models in the range, was that the flags supplied are also perfect for Mexico. Many of the locals already have Aeronef for South American fleets, so Mexico was a good fit, and also sufficiently large and potentially wealthy enough to afford a decent fleet. Plus - the opportunity to have a vessel nicknamed 'La Cucaracha' as it was impossible to kill, and bonus.. role-playing an atrocious accent..

Anyway, fun, and I learned a lot doing these. I have plans for future fleets and some additional detail that should be fun.


  1. Very nice work, the Italian ships are some of the best sculpts in the range. I am expanding and refreshing my Austro-Hungarian fleet in anticipation of Imperial Skies (and maybe my Germans).

  2. Thanks Peter, I do reckon these are some of the nicest in the range, although I also really like some of the more recent French sculpts, and I am eyeing them off for my Kickstarter fleet. I am; however, determined not to let the numbers get out of hand, i.e. much too large to ever get on the table!

  3. Thanks Sean, I also did a French fleet recently: