Tuesday 29 November 2011

Lead Spend - or - Analysis is Fun

So I was wondering whether I had received all the stuff I thought I had bought (or could remember buying), and started noting when and who and how much..  which then lead to to me thinking - some analysis might work here..  
Who Got my Money?
When did they Get It?
And what Game was it For?

Scary stuff! But less than I spent last year. Maybe I need a breather to get some of this stuff painted, and maybe I should do a correlation chart showing what games I actually get played..


  1. Too much time on your hands or were you sinking into your cups and thinking more of the then and there than the here and now?

    Stop analysing and get into the painting - it ain't the expenditure on lead that matters but rather the height of the unpainted lead pile - which reminds me ... that growing shadow behind me seems to be an ever increasing lead pile here - where's my brush?

  2. The lead pile is shrinking... largely because I am organising it better! But I do have another couple of toolboxes that are largely unpopulated, and I am thinking unpainted DBA armnies can be bagged and tagged in one, and all the rest of the completed DBA armies tucked away in another. Another book cull is also a must.