Monday 21 November 2011

Landwaster Done

Landwaster X done & dusted, and a disappointing 3 wins from 6 games. Lessons Learned:

1. If you take a cavalry army, people will lay down a waterway every time. Some people will even put down a BUA and waterway so you only have one choice of board edge.
2. You can beat knights with cavalry, but only by mobbing them repeatedly, and they will fight off almost every attempt to kill them at evens or better when hard flanked (as will Bd).
3. Playing with miniatures is a visual experience, and it is time some people painted their army.
4. I hate 2.2 terrain rules.
5. Cv can't beat LH - or to be more precise, my Cav can't beat Stephen Hopkins' LH.
6. It doesn't matter what you roll, ort he advantages you engineer as long as your opponent keeps rolling 5 & 6's.
7. If you take 12 x 50/50 shots, don't be surprised if only one comes off.
8. PIP starvation is death to a cavalry army.

I enjoyed playing with the Ayyubids, but I think I will enjoy them more when 3 is released, terrain becomes more random, and 30" boards are legalised... 

Pics to follow...

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