Monday 21 November 2011

Game 5 Ayyubids IV/20 vs CACS

Steve Vassallo was running the Kn version of Central Asian City States, with essentially a whole bunch of Kn and Bw. I didn't fancy this one much. Again I was the attacker, but Steve placed three tiny terrain pieces so we essentially got a billiard-table.

Being defender Steve deployed first and elected for a cautious interspersed deployment of basically knights then bow, then knights, then bow, and so on. I was more scared of him massing the knights in block for an all out charge and massing the bow in a very strong defence on another wing, and I thought the slow speed of the knights would mean a swift attack could be done on one part of the line in numbers before supports could come over to assist him.

So I decided I would (again) mass the mounted on my right one wing and hold back with the foot troops - after swaps, Steve ended up with about 5 Kn vs  my 6 cavalry and 2 LH, which I sent forward in a deep formation. Steve didn't bottle it, and in true knightly tradition charged forward to meet me. In a huge melee, Steve didn't kill enough before his Kn were sucked forward into multiple double overlaps and finally finished off by the LH/Cv combo.

This was an ideal game for the Ayyubids, being able to mass numbers and engage before an oppoennt could effectively redeploy. Dice were fairly even with me perhaps having a slight advantage in combat.

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