Monday 21 November 2011

Game 1 Ayyubids IV/20 vs Anglo-Norman

I always end up playing Jason in DBA comps, he is a very good player and makes few mistakes. The Anglo-Normans are also a very powerful army, I wasn't looking forward to this one. As usual I forgot to take pictures, but his Anglo-Normans are also beautifully painted, so it makes for a very visually appealing game.

I was attacker, and Jason laid down a waterway to narrow the table, (the first of four games where this was the case) then he deployed a line of supported spear and Kn across the width of the table, with the cheesey shooting War Wagon on his extreme right. I decided to mask his line for the most part and try to pull his general forward into double overlaps.

Early moves saw me throw LH forward towards his WWG, and Jason was forced to use a lot of PIPS to turn his war wagon lengthways to cover his open flank, and advance the rest of his line. I threw cavalry into the front of his general and his wingman, and got a lucky kill on the wingman at 3-3, his general won the combat, (but not by enough to kill) and advanced..

Jason had to spend PIPS shoring up his line, and having pulled back my LH, I used my PIPS to put a LH into the front of his general with double overlaps.. I lost the first one I tried this with, but the second one finally killed his general and it was all over.

The manoeuvrability of the cavalry offered little advantage, but Jason was really hampered by low PIPS and having to manoeuvre to cover the threat of my LH.

Sorry - no pics of this one.

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