Wednesday 9 November 2011

DBA Redux

David Lawrence has been a fantastic asset to players of DBA in Canberra and the surrounds. He runs a number of competitions which are always well attended, and has been running Landwaster since 2002. So David being a proactive organiser, started harassing me about what army I will use on Nov 20.

I have cast around, have lots of options - but decided it was a good chance to force myself to finish painting the Ayyubids:

Ayyubid Egyptian, IV/20

1x 3Cv (Gen), 5x 3Cv, 2x 2LH, 1x 3Ax or 3Wb or 7Hd, 2x 4Bw or 2Ps, 1x 2LH or 2Ps 

Not a very competitive army, but should look pretty. The Mirliton minis are nice.

Quick - to the painting cave...

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