Sunday 29 November 2015

Happy St. Andrew's Day

Yesterday saw another six elements completed for the Franco-Scots, in this case, indentured bowmen, plus some 'wilder' Highland archers.

The target for today (St. Andrew's Day) is to complete another six elements, in this case, four elements of Scottish axemen, and two elements of 'Gros Varlets' which are the sergeants and lesser men at arms detached from the French chivalry to act as cavalry. Under DBMM, the cavalry are very useful as local reserves, or detached from the main body of knights.

I took some liberties with the axemen, and used the Essex 'Galloglaich' figures, which are quite suitable for Islesmen or Highland warriors from areas with a strong Norse influence. There doesn't seem to be any real evidence for how these warriors would have looked in France, but they will be recognisably 'Scottish' and work well with the Highland archers. Once they are done, that will be the entire Scottish contingent for the army completed other than their baggage. A bit of a milestone, and a fitting one for the day of Scotland's patron Saint.


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