Saturday 21 November 2015

WIP - More 100YW

I managed to source one more pack of Corvus Belli 100 Years War Knights, so together with my command packs, I have enough for another seven elements, three of which will be command stands, two for Scots allies, and one for a French ally.

So I elected to paint up the horse barding first, as this will then let me easily match up the riders, rather than having to continually refer to my chart of shields and names.

The army will eventually represent the Scots forces in France circa 1424 but I have also mixed in some of the companions of Joan of Arc and Scots forces present at Orleans c 1429.

Speedie, Butchart & Fraser

Johnson, Anderson & Walker

Maxwell, Murray and Bruce

French: Coutes, Culant and Gaucort

French Command: Alencon & Giresme

Scottish Command: Graham & Keith

Scottish Command: Scrymgeour & Douglas

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