Thursday 26 November 2015

Respect the Psiloi!

Those of you familiar with the Fanaticus Forum (DBA) will probably be familiar with the phrase. I finally added some Psiloi to the Franco-Scots. The DBA list just says 'Psiloi' - and the figures I used for Landwaster last week were just generic peasants. 

The DBMM2 list makes some French crossbowmen compulsory, but in keeping with the idea that this is basically a Scots army with a few French along, and that formed crossbowmen didn't seem to have had much of an impact in the battles I am interested in, I decided to do these as skirmishers (Psiloi in DBx terminology).

All Corvus Belli figures, and I still have a load of these unpainted if I elect to change the army composition. Plus I have added another seven Knight elements, three of which will be generals.

The Psiloi 'en masse'
'Mr de Mille, I'm ready for my close-up'
Bruce, Fraser & Anderson

Murray, Maxwell & Johnson

French: Culant, Gaucort & Coutes

Scots General: Douglas with Scrymgeour the standard bearer

Scots General: Hay with Graham the standard bearer

French General: Alencon & Giresme the standard bearer

Obviously, some basing required, but making steady progress. The whole army only needs another 16 elements completed plus 14 dismounted knight elements. Onwards... 


  1. Very nice! That base/hightlight white combination you use is very striking. Those bases look great too. Is that a magnetic material you use underneath?

    Great looking army so far!


  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for the kind words. Yes, the bases are ones I purchase locally from Dean at Olympian Games, they are laser cut ply with a magnetic base. Most of my transport is done using metal tool boxes, and these stick very well (almost too well at times).

  3. Looking great, Doug. Well done. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Did yo get more Xbow or are those repurposed from the few I gave you? Because if the latter, they look so much better now!

  5. Hi John, no, I had some other crossbow figures. I will be painting some up as Genoese and some as French formed bowmen. Progress is steady rather than spectacular. Some Highland archers next, and I may also sneak some Highland axemen on to the painting queue.

  6. Some ideas for my few Scots knights to do for some variety. I am part pay through nine figures and have another three for the King to do. Mostly generic of course as I dont intend to follow strict history and will use them to break up the boredom in Crusader armies