Friday 2 May 2014

Dragon Armour JagdPanther 1/72

So I had a trawl through various shops the other day - picked up bits and pieces - including the Airfix Quad tractor for my Esci 25Lb gun. Then went back to work, to discover the Dragon Early Jagdpanther kit was tucked away in my office.

What a beautiful kit.. 

The Esci stuff is nice, the old Airfix stuff can just about be made to work..  but the Dragon kist was lovely. Everything just fits. The detail is lovely, brass photo-etched (PE) bits, wire for cables, and I bored out a hatch and added a PSC command figure.

Here's where it is up to...  engine deck held up (maybe it's overheating) as it would be a shame to lose that detail, floorbrush bristle for the engine hatch stay, hacked around Schurzen, PE in place  - and it is a beautiful thing. I need to do it justice with painting. I was tempted to try the hairspray/salt technique, but as it has kit moulded Zimmerit, it probably wouldn't be the best kit to do it on. I still have a spare PSC Pz III, so I may try it on that. Here's how it looks so far.

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