Sunday 18 May 2014

Deep in the Jungle

Lurks the tiny Japanese Type 97 or Chi-Ha. Designated a medium tank, by 1942 it was outclassed by even Allied light tanks such as the M3 Stuart, and hopelessly outclassed by any real tank such as the Matilda II or the Sherman.

This is the Airfix kit, and it is even smaller because it is actually 1/76 not 1/72 scale. The kit itself has been out for a very long time - first released in 1974, it's now 40 years old. It is still a really nice kit to build, everything fits together beautifully, and while the detail has been surpassed in more recent models, it is still fun to put together.

So a chilly Sunday, some paint and weathering later:

 So there it is - cute as a button..


  1. And there was only room for one in the Turkey so you fired the main gun or you fired the MG.

  2. Shhh... stop allowing reality to intrude. It's still cute. Now working on a Command version of a PSC Pz IIIE - this involves constructing a box aerial by eye with wire and superglue. Tricky stuff...