Monday 19 May 2014

Pz III Command Tank

Been playing with one of the PSC Pz III kits. I have the other two painted up, one as a 1940 France version, the other as a later one in use in 42-43. The last one of the set of three, I decided to tart up a bit.

So I started by adding the command radio aerial, just a bit of bent wire on more wire uprights. Then a few boxes, bags, camo-net. I added wire grab handles, lifted the Notek with a bit of sprue, added a flag on the turret roof, ammo box, rifle, a front rail for stowage, some bristle aerials, bent the fenders a little...  and I am pretty happy with how this build is turning out.

More to follow when the paint goes on. It will end up being a 2nd Pz Division command tank.

And a kind soul has just pointed out I need to remove the splash guard and move the turret forward..  More surgery coming up.

And now, with splash shield shaved and turret repositioned. Actually gives it a very different look.

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