Sunday 9 March 2014

NAAS first Action

Tim was kind enough to offer to play on Thursday night, so I grabbed a bag of GW cardboard buildings, and the NAAS troopers for a Future War Commander (FWC) game.

I had decided to run them as a small elite force, and so took 10 stands of troopers, 3 stands of heavy missiles, 3 stands of heavy blasters, 2 walker stands, a couple of recce units, and a dropship capable of carrying 5 stands. All up 3000 points, and as I didn't want to just run them as another 'vanilla' force, I equipped them with adaptive camouflage, stabilisation (which I suspect isn't actually permitted for infantry) plus the recce units had target designators, and the heavy missiles were auto linked.

Tim's force was his Red Guard walkers. Some big brutes supported by smaller walkers and some power armoured troopers. (p114 in the FWC rulebook.)

The first dice roll was for air superiority, and I lucked out, winning the roll, and managing to bring on my drop ship and land the grav equipped troopers on the roofs of the town, immediately grabbing cover. Under the CinC, my troops advanced on my right, and the third group started to advance into the town.
Dropship deposits its load on the rooftops.

The NAAS advance, no real sign of opposition as yet.
Here come the Reds, and the superior command of the NAAS lets them get plenty of shots in
This command roll helped too!
Red Guard walkers that didn't get to deploy
Knocking out the big walker, the Power Armour troopers were next to be targeted
He's a big sucker!
Tim took a lot of hits as my command rolls were pretty good, conversely, one of his groups didn't even manage to come on to the table. His forward artillery observer had a good day though, with orbital strikes knocking out three of my units, including one unit of walkers. In the end though, he decided he had lost enough and pulled back, leaving the NAAS holding the field.

EyeCandy, 28mm model steamer!
Some eye candy, Dave & Peter were playing some sort of kung fu horror story, which gave Pete a chance to bring along his gorgeous steamer model. All the roofs and deck come off so you can play right down into the engine room and hold. She's a beauty!

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