Monday 3 March 2014

Battlegroups 5 & 6 Reporting for Action

And so, the marines fight on a lava planet, and the aliens (yet to be named) - on a sulphur moon.
Dropship and some bad-ass troopers - walkers in hiding

Aliens on a sulphur moon!
 That's armies 5 & 6 for my FWC forces. The roster so far:
  1. South African Confederation - Brigade Games
  2. Eurofed - Brigade Games
  3. 'Bugs' - GW
  4. Pax Arcadia - Dark Realm Miniatures
  5. 'Marines' - CAV dropship conversion, and GZG infantry
  6. Aliens - Baccus IFV, Brigade infantry and power armour, EM4 walkers
Might take a break now, having done three (small'ish) battlegroups in the last couple of weeks. Back to some historicals now I think...


  1. Looking the business mate. At least I won't need to bring an FWC army to Canberra next time I come, you have plenty of local talent available :-)

    I like the lava bases, the toxic, sulphurous moon, the jury is still out on but I think it is growing on me. No fluorescent green pools of corrosive liquid in it though?

  2. I have a whole bunch of weird poisonous mushrooms to add ;-)