Thursday 13 March 2014

Gauls and Others done over...

I had a fun game at the club tonight. Dave brought along his Syracusan Greeks - in my case, Vitalstatistix, Orthopaedix and Heuvos y Bacon lined up for the good guys. Clearly, the magic potion was not in evidence despite Getafix, Botanix, and Psychoanalytix being there in the baggage..

Nice and neat    

Facing off. Spot the elementary deployment mistake...   for example, on my right, I thought that 24 Wb(O) plus a couple of Cv could deal with 5 Cv, 2 LH, 4 Sp(I), 3 Ax(S) & 3 Ps.  Turns out I was wrong.
Loads of warband - but no luck

Chariots (8 of them in all) plus Spanish Auxilia and Gallic Psiloi face off the light weight Syracusan left

On my left, I had a column of cavalry chariots plus Auxilia and Psiloi versus a very light weight Syracusan right. I hoped to roll up the Syracusan right and get into their rear.

Except they rolled an average of <2 for that command for the entire game..  oops.
The Spaniards face a heavier weight

The Spanish held the centre, I actually anticipated that Ax(S) with Psiloi and Cavalry support would lose slowly to Spear. I was half right (about the losing), and half wrong (about slowly).. they got massacred.

I draw a veil over proceedings.

Oh well, things can only get better....  I learned a few lessons.


  1. DBMM did not gain traction here in Christchurch NZ, which is a shame. I rather like the DBMM 240 format and borrowed aspects for DBR 300, in particular the table dimensions. When in Canberra in January I viewed briefly a DBMM240 game at a club evening, when spared time from my DBR game. I now look forward to reading more on your 240 gaming as you work up to Wintercon.

  2. Shame about that, I find the 240 format is very much the same as the bigger game, just faster because of smaller commands. Which 240 game did you watch? Hope it wasn't my Sasanians getting flogged by Anton.

  3. It was a game in Deakin after Cancon. I was busy with a multiplayer DBR so didn't observe the game for long.