Monday 24 March 2014

Gauls or Fallback Option

So, now the Gauls have been blooded, and very bloody it was for them...  I decided I would create a fallback option for Wintercon.

I have had an Alexandrian Macedonian lead pile since Tin Soldier UK had their sale last year. I really like the Tin Soldier figures, they have heaps of character and I have seen really great painted examples.

So - a serious amount of cleanup later, the figures themselves have very little flash, but the bases and mould lines need attention. Not to mention the 200+ shields.

The untreated lead pile

The officer and standard bearer

Trumpeters - after replacement

Some massed pike
So the lead is now stuck to a bunch of tongue depressors - undercoated black..   and ready for paint.A big job.


  1. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
    It's off to work we go
    We keep on singing all day long
    Heigh ho, heigh ho

    Oh ... wait ... wrong dwarves! :-P

    Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
    It's off to war we go
    We keep on marching all day long
    Heigh ho, heigh ho ...

  2. Now now... they are small but perfectly formed. I like the cartoonish style - which should work well with my black undercoat, block and highlight method.

  3. I generally like the Tin Soldier Hellenic line as well. I have more pike I really must paint...

    1. I look at the numbers of pike, and quail.