Saturday 22 March 2014

Fear & Faith starting a party in 28mm

So in the last little while, I have done some 15mm Ancients for DBMM, some 6mm for FWC, some 20mm for Chain of Command, not to mention 1/300 British etc..

Well, rummaging through the lead pile today (as you do), and came across a Wargames Foundry blister pack :

So these guys... actually DA012 were beckoning to me for some reason. Quickly cleaned up, stuck down, and I will start some actual painting tomorrow.

And the game system?  I reckon these will be added to the various guys I have for Fear & Faith from Ganesha Games.

I have a feeling it might have something to do with re-reading the free H.P. Lovecraft collection on my Kindle...  (also for Nook).

I don't do much painting of 28mm, so this will be interesting.

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