Tuesday 8 October 2013

Panzer Grenadiers Part 2

I had posts noting that the camouflage was invisible in the previous pictures.. hopefully these are clearer.


  1. Thanks for retaking them. I can definitely see the pattern. But you were right, should use brighter colors. I've made the same mistake on my 6mm. I'm using colors I would use on bigger scale minis...
    Frankly, i'm not sure someone makes a 6mm color for troops.
    I'll have to go back to see of you washed them - cause thy darkens them more.
    But I think you've done a good impressionistic job on these guys. Impressionism is another thing I new to get better at doing.

  2. I think given they are usually viewed from much further away than these pictures, impressions are all you can give. I have two bases each of engineers with flamethrowers, heavy machine guns on tripods and mortars to paint as well, (I haven't resisted adding stuff), I will try for a much lighter brown and see how they look.