Saturday 26 October 2013

Ottomans in Progress

Some time ago, (several years), I won a Venexia DBA Ottoman army in competition. The Venexia figures were originally supplied by Vexillia in the UK. (A plug here, Martin who runs Vexillia is an excellent bloke to do business with, prompt, responsive and extremely helpful).

The figures themselves are more like18mm than 15mm - so quite large, and most require assembly, not just spears and shields but also whole weapons arms and some figures such as archers are split at the waist. They have loads of character, and paint up well though.

On getting them home (again; some years ago), I assembled them, based and undercoated in black. Since then, they have just been sitting around, getting in the way. David Lawrence runs DBA competitions locally, and one of these, 'Landwaster' is coming up very soon. I wanted to bring a new army, as committing to bringing something new is a very good way to get myself motivated to paint something. The Ottomans fitted the bill. So here's the work in progress.

Four cavalry, four light horse, one artillery, two 'Psiloi' (light infantry) and one Janissary bow.

Progress is patchy - because I keep seeing other bits I should do, but it's steady. These guys should be ready by 17 November, and the big test at the Austrian Club.

Later I hope to expand them to a full size Ottoman army for DBMM. Vexillia no longer carries them, instead, Sergeant Major Miniatures in the US are now the only supplier I know of. I am looking at what I might need to add to the mix.


  1. Great looking army you have here. I love your smooth matt colors and painting style. Your other DBA/DBM armies are fantastic. i.e. your Rajputs and Ayyubids.... simply stunning!

    1. Thanks for that! - optimistic about these, I did some more yesterday, and I think I can see them really coming together.

  2. "Martin who runs Vexillia is .." also a reader of this blog. Thanks for the plug and the kind words.

  3. You're welcome Martin, praise where it's due I reckon. I am really hoping these will turn out well, and if they don't, it's certainly no fault of the figures...

  4. Looking sweet mate.

    Almost makes me want to go back to 15mm for the next painting project ... but I am still umming and ahhing between Japanese and Hungarians as an opponent for the Soviets

    1. Just be a typical wargamer and attempt them all - simultaneously.. I keep eyeing off the Alexandrian Macedonians (Tin Soldier) in my lead pile, and thinking that I could finish off an army of regulars really quickly.