Monday 28 October 2013

Ottomans, Villages and Bears

Some weekend painting was squeezed in between gardening and other such duties. More progress on the Ottomans, a Normandy farm complex in 6mm, and some 1/1200 planes for use in Shipwreck games.

Ottomans - starting to look the business
The General and his drummer
1/1200 Su27, a Shackleton, Nimrod, Victor and others
Early Warning and a Bear

Normandy farm complex


  1. Oh, the aircraft look sweet mate - very nice indeed

  2. Thanks, some work on the bases next, and I will call these guys finished. I just need to do some helicopters, but they are so tiny, I will have to vary the mounting technique a lot. One possibility is drilling several holes so that I can mount multiple choppers on the same base.