Tuesday 1 October 2013

BKCII Big Cats and a Cunning Plan

Well, some time ago, I posted a pic of some test paints I did of Late War German 6mm models for BKCII.

As part of my current clean up of stray lead, I managed to just about complete a BKCII battlegroup of British for North West Europe in less than a week. (I am just waiting for some decals to arrive).

In the spirit of a 'Battlegroup in a Week' challenge, (Yes, I know there is no actual challenge, but I challenged myself). I decided to go back to the Germans. Finished the basic paints, a wash, and basing of all the vehicles other than some Panzer Grenadier Sdkfz 251, so here they are:

The whole of the Battlegroup armour.
Big Cats on the prowl
More Big Cats
Panzer III

Hetzers and PzJg IV
And finally, made a start on some infantry. Now I thought that it wouldn't look right to have Late War German Heer in grey, so I have decided to attempt an oakleaf smock pattern. "In 6mm!" I hear you say - "utter madness!"

But in the immortal words of Baldrick, I have a cunning plan..  it involves, a very light base colour, virulent green dabbing with a very old, stiff and splayed brush, then a Devlan Mud wash..

Of course..  the smart move would have been to actually test this on an old figure, but no, that would be too sensible, so 9 platoons (bases) have received their undercoat and very light smock base coat.


  1. If you need an out the Heer didn't ever wear that camo pattern. That was pretty much restricted to SS and a little bit to the HG.

  2. The last time I did smock camouflage on 6mm figures was some Ros and Heroics moderns. The simplest way of found was to paint the base colour then using a toothbrush, dip the bristles into the colour required. Then using something with a hard edge like a toothpick, scrape across the bristles causing the paint to flick off in small droplets.

    Camouflage in a flash.


  3. Thanks guys, I am pretty happy with these, and ordered some decals the other day. I think they will be the finishing touch that really finishes them off. And Thomo, yes, I have done this myself before using an old tooth-brush, but the problem in this case, is that the spray would end up all over the pants and helmets.. hmm.. some experiments required.

  4. Well doh ... so paint the smocks first then the face, helmet and paints! :-P

  5. Aaargh.. then I would have to match the undercoat ... way too much work