Wednesday 9 October 2013

Lead Audit - 9 months in

So a little banter between myself and Thomo the Lost via email, and the subject came up about how much stuff I had painted/ordered, especially with Brigade Models sale now on. expected any time now for Christmas

9 months in, and looking back through my orders for the year..  I wasn't as good as I thought. The tally was as follows:

Rules & Other stuff
Maurice + Cards
Airbrush & Compressor
1/48 scale F111 kit (does this even count?)
Shipwreck rules
Litko Markers
1/300 decals (British & German tanks)
Medieval German army (eBay) –  but at least it was all painted, so didn’t add to the lead pile
Lancashire Games Goths for DBMM (sale price ;-)
Navwar - 3 Fleets for Shipwreck (and gave one away)
TSS & Magister Militum - planes & helicopters for Shipwreck
5 packs of GHQ (but 4 of those were on special) - 24 AFV
13 packs of Essex Chinese (so my Sui can do duty as Early Tang)

Ok, so my 'no new lead' pledge has kind of faltered, but I really do think I am going pretty well.  
I have painted up 44 x 1/3000 scale naval vessels, plus aircraft, in 6mm, GHQ, 62 x Late War German vehicles, 47 x Late War British vehicles, accompanying infantry for both, a DBA Rajput army, finished up the DBMM Sui in January, (did some more in June).

The plan is to do a DBA Ottoman Turkish army using the Venexia figures I have lurking around undercoated for Landwaster in November, and try to get started on the Goths. Interspersed with this, I will also try to paint up a 1940 French battlegroup for BKCII.

Overall, nine months in, not as disciplined as I wanted, but not too bad, by my standards.


  1. Brigade Models sale is not on yet - Christmas mate, you'll have to wait for Christmas!

    I am sure you can discount the decals (they were to finish the painting on existing lead), the rules (they are, after all, sort of books), definitely would not count the 1/48 scale F-111 (why? Damned curious on that and in any case, I would not could my 1/600th scale Fletcher class DD or the Japanese DD that I can't remember the name of), and as for the airbrush, well again, that is just to help you lower the lead pile!

    Not a bad effort then.

    Are we still talking swapsies at Christmas time?

  2. Still on for swapsies.. and the 1/48 F111 was because I haven't actually made a model in 30 years, and this was cheap and apparently about the best F111 model going. It's still in the box, scaring me. But I rather like the idea of having that monster on a stand in my office. I am also rather scared of the airbrush, as I haven't used one in about 30 years either... experiments may happen soon. I have been checking youtube for advice.