Monday 24 October 2011

Late War BKCII

Okay, so Thomo has gone through the megalomania of acquiring enough Soviet armour to replicate several Guards Tank Armies. In an attempt to reduce the arms race, I suggested we could swap - I could take some of his Soviets and he could take some of my Germans. Then we would each have matching armies. After all, we normally play on 6 foot by 4 foot tables (1.8m x 1.2m), and there just isn't room to deploy 85 T34 (unless you want it looking like the railway siding of Ural Tankovy Factory No 16). Needless to say - sanity has not prevailed. So I created a list for 3000 points for my late war Germans (Sept 1944). Even using Heer (my preference anyway) and virtually nothing else I get a grand total of 9 armoured vehicles....

BKCII List  German Eastern Front September 1944
1 CO (CV9)   
3 HQ (CV9)           
1 Recce Unit Pzkpfw II Lynx   
1 Recce Unit (Aufklarer 38t)   
6 Infantry Unit (Heer)   
2 Support Unit (MG)
2 Support Unit (Mortar 81mm)   
1 Support Unit (ATG, 50mm)   
1 ATG 88mm Flak 36   
2 Assault Gun Stug III Lang   
2 Anti-Tank Unit SPAT Jagdpanzer IV   
3 Panzer Unit Panzer V Panther   
2 Panzer Unit Panzer VI Tiger

Hmmm.. maybe we need to use more points for Later War?


  1. OK - so 4,000 points it is then? Right. Hmm, you're basing 40x20 and I'm basing FoG bases - is this going to cause issues?

    Then again, if we swap and end up with 4000 points on each side each, the bases don't matter anymore - bwahahahaha - true meglomania is going big then doubling! :-)

  2. And of course, that should have read "I'm basing FoW bases".

    I blame so many games of FoG online for the slip.

  3. Vehicles will remain on FoW small bases. Infantry on 40 x 20. makes them easier to pick up.