Wednesday 12 October 2011

Johnny Storm M1A1 Tank

I got a 'Johnny Storm' diecast tank from eBay, very cheap, and absolutely the best 15mm M1A1 model out there I have seen. So here it is with a quick wash with GW Devlan Mud, followed by a drybrush with cheap artists acrylic cream. I reckon it looks the business.  So now I am looking for some others.

Johnny Storm, 15mm M1A1
I think, given how heavily it has been drybrushed, that it needs some stowage and scrim netting to look right...  time to get the green stuff putty out I think. Anyone got any good ideas for doing a scrim net in 15mm?  (I am thinking a bit of an old nylon rolled up with tea leaves glued to it..  )


  1. Kendo the Orgulus used tea leaves for his camo netting. See for two parts (part one is lower down the page) of the process he uses. Look at for some vehicles with finished netting.

  2. Thanks Thomo, I am thinking medical gauze, rolled and tied, then white glue and tea leaves.