Thursday 13 October 2011

Full Thrust at the Club

Fun game down the club (Canberra Games Society) last night. Took my Brigade Models SAC (South African Confederation) Super Fleet Pack (finally painted up), down to play against Peter, who ran the GZG New Israeli. As I didn't have any 'official' stats for the Saffers, I got out the Fleet Builder tool, and ran up a few designs. I hadn't played any FT for ages, so I was very rusty. Thanks to Owen and Peter who were very gracious with me. Turns out my designs were 'less than optimal' - but a cracking game was had, and even though 3 shields may not be the best bet...  I had the last laugh when one was knocked out, and I still had full shields. In retrospect - 5500 points was probably too much - although we were down to the nitty gritty when we had to pack up. Peter had two badly damaged Battleships, and a relatively untouched Heavy Cruiser when time was called. I had some heavily armed but very vulnerable small ships, and two strike carriers, one intact - the other suffering slight damage. A bloody draw.

SAC Fleet - two carrier groups and a destroyer squadron
New Israeli swarmed by SAC Petrel fighters. (apologies for the glare.)

Peter - wondering which bit in the rules will stop me doing this...

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