Wednesday 5 October 2011

Cancon 2012

The details about Cancon 2012 have gone up on the CGS website. The biggest tournament in Australia, and possibly (probably) the biggest convention of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Online entries are available for a wide range of tournaments, and payment can be made by Paypal. (There is a link on the Cancon page to the SouthernBattleGamers shopping cart.)

Put in my entry this afternoon - (first entry online?) - for the DBMM competition, which this year runs for 6 rounds over three days, rather than last years 4 rounds over 2. This is a shame as I wont be able to compete in the DBA comp, and so will definitely not be eligible to defend my 'Maurice' aka 'Magister Militum' -  (Best ACT DBA Player over the Year).


  1. More importantly, by playing three days of DBMM you once again avoid actually playing me ... I'm starting to feel like the Nemesis :-P

  2. No.. you can still bring the Rajputs down on the weekend ;-) There can only be one!

    So I reckon you should play DBMM for two days, and then once you are in the top 2 after day 2, you will want to play DBMM for the third day.

    I will look at the stats after day two and decide whether to play DBA on day 3.